About us

After 4+ years it's fair to consider ourselves experts

Over a decade ago, we saw a challenge in the mortgage world—too complex, too slow. Our dream? To change that. So, Rapidio was born. Our goal was simple: make mortgage processing smooth and secure. 

We’ve processed more than 300 thousand applications in the US, each one making us better. Today, Rapidio is not just a company; it’s a revolution in the mortgage industry. Our journey is far from over. We’re here to innovate, simplify, and lead.

Welcome to the future of mortgages.

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Our Mission at Rapidio

Technology should enhance, not entrap

At Rapidio, our mission is clear: to make mortgage lending as easy as possible. How do we do this? By leveraging smart technology to streamline every step of the process. We’re committed to using the latest advancements to make mortgage lending more straightforward, efficient, and approachable for everyone involved. Our passion for innovation drives us to develop solutions that not only meet the demands of today but anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

But we don’t stop there. We’re constantly working on new features and improvements. From our AI-driven tools to upcoming projects, we’re dedicated to staying at the forefront of the mortgage industry.

In short, we’re here to innovate, simplify, and support you. Join us on this journey to transform mortgage lending for the better. Curious about what we’re currently working on?

Why Choose Us

Rapidio: Your Trusted Partner in Simplifying Mortgage Lending


Accelerated processing of documents


Minimization of manual workload


Reduction in overall closing expenses


Incremental accuracy that enhances with continued use

Meet our Leadership 🤝

Meet the team our leading the innovation in mortgage underwriting technology



A visionary leader, driving the company’s mission forward with unparalleled dedication and a knack for innovative solutions.



The creative force behind our product line, blending technical expertise with market insights to craft solutions that meet our clients’ needs.


Director of Strategic

An operational wizard, optimizing company processes and strategies to enhance efficiency and achieve our long-term goals.

Portrait of Oleksandr Zhyzhko, Tech at Rapidio

Head of Commercial Operations

The architect of our commercial success, spearheading initiatives that expand our market presence and strengthen customer relationships.


Head of Analytics

Our data guru, leveraging analytics to inform strategic decisions and uncover insights that propel our product development.

Portrait of Ivan Krivtsov, Tech at Rapidio.

Head of Technology

The tech maestro, leading our technological innovations and ensuring our infrastructure supports scalable and secure solutions.

Our Partnership

Rapidio & Ice Mortgage Technology Integration Now Live! Check this!