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RAPid Automated Underwriting Assistant

Mortgage Loan Underwriting

What is Rapidio?

Rapidio provides the first intelligent automated underwriting assistant that increases the Underwriter's productivity from 3 to 20 loans per day. 
Our mission is to make mortgages more affordable and give customers a positive and speedy home-buying experience with our Rapid-Automated Underwriting Assistant (Rapid-AUA).
Rapid-AUA enables banks, IMBs, and mortgage brokers to close fast, provide accurate filing with zero errors, and save around 70% of their costs in underwriting a mortgage loan. 
Let us rapidify your mortgage loan underwriting process.

Rapidify with Rapidio 

Founded in 2020, Rapidio is an independent technology company that believes in the power of automated solutions for mortgage loan underwriting. We want to empower our clients, through automated processes, taking away risks that come with human error. We evaluated over 3,000 pages of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines, ran over 4,200 scenarios, and 80,000 cross-checks asynchronously, to guarantee zero errors in the post-close process. The best part about our system - no integration is needed!

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Kill the queue, close first 

Rapidio re-engineers the way you manufacture loans! Our Rapid-AUA delivers fully underwritten loans within two hours, enabling businesses to improve their pull-through rate by 25 percent.

No longer have mortgage loan files waiting in the queue to be reviewed and formally approved by a human underwriter. Our automated systems reviews, cross-check,s and fully underwrites the loan. The AI-powered system eliminates unnecessary manual processes, and discrepancies and shortens turnaround times, so you close first!


Streamlined automation for a flawless underwrite

Upgrade your toolkit for loan underwriting. Ensure a streamlined and high output for a flawless underwrite with Rapid-AUA.
With our proprietary AI technology and virtually unlimited throughput power with AWS Lambda, we guarantee accuracy with every loan.

Our system goes the extra mile in checking income calculations, validating documentation, and meeting all GSE guidelines, with no personnel intervention. Rapid-AUA is the dream of every auditor! We take quality control to a new standard.

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cost reduction
Cost Saving

Drive down the cost of processing

Loan processing is a long and expensive undertaking, with no guarantee of closing on the loan. Rapid-AUA streamlines the process, without losing any of the qualities produced during evaluating and verifying. Our pricing is flexible to you. Get a first worksheet of conditions on your loan for as low as $99. 



Be the Rock in the Waves

Do not let the market impact your business with every tidal wave. Rapid-AUA fends off the effects of changing margins and demands in staff. Our system cements a steady infrastructure, enabling you to scale according to market.

No matter if the mortgage market cycle is up or down, with Rapid-AUA you do not need to worry to hire more underwriters when business picks up or fire underwriters when business slows down. Retain talent and scale as desired. 

Learn more about our pricing.

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Digitalize your business

Proprietary AI-powered technology categorizes uploaded documents in any format available

Icon Expertise

Expand your expertise

Over 3,000 pages of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines coded and updated regularly to the system

Icon Results

Scale results

Increase your put-through rate by 25% 

Save cost

Drive down cost

Save 72% on loan-processing costs by cutting down on assembling, administering and processing the loan application paperwork 

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Eliminate risk

Over 4,200 scenarios and 80,000 cross-checks are done asynchronously

Close deal

Close the deal

Post-close the process with zero errors and piece of mind within 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Rapid-AUA require integration?

No, our rapid automated underwriting assistant requires no integration! You simply receive a private link to our rapid portal and are set to go. 

How many forms can the Rapid-AUA process?

As many as you need! Our system provides unlimited underwriting capacity and can underwrite the most complex files.

Is there an integration with LOS?

Our API can be integrated with any LOS. We are currently in the works of establishing partnerships that will enable the full suite of end-to-end solutions. 

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