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Title: Case Study: Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool Streamlines Mortgage Processing for a Loan with 65 Rental Properties


Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool recently tackled a unique challenge presented by a mortgage loan from a lender, involving a borrower with 65 rental properties. This case study delves into how Rapidio’s innovative solution efficiently addressed the complexities of income calculations, offering both speed and accuracy in a demanding mortgage processing environment.


The mortgage loan in question posed a significant challenge due to the sheer number of rental properties — 65 in total. Handling income calculations for each property manually would have been time-consuming and prone to errors.


The primary challenge was to streamline the income calculation process for all 65 rental properties. Traditional methods would have involved extensive manual work, categorizing Schedule E pages and extracting data for each property, a tedious and error-prone task that could potentially delay the entire mortgage processing timeline.

Solution: Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool:

Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool emerged as the optimal solution for this challenge. The tool’s advanced automation capabilities were designed to handle complex income scenarios, and its efficiency in processing large amounts of data made it an ideal choice for a loan with 65 rental properties.


  • Categorization and Identification:
    • Rapidio’s system automatically categorized and identified all Schedule E pages from the tax returns associated with the loan.
  • Data Extraction:
    • The tool seamlessly extracted data from each separate property, requiring 10 lines of data input to calculate the monthly rental income for each.
  • Efficient Calculations:
    • Rapidio’s automated calculations swiftly processed the data for all 65 properties, producing accurate results in a matter of minutes.


  • Time Savings:
    • Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool significantly reduced the time spent on categorizing, data extraction, and calculations, ensuring swift progress in the mortgage processing workflow.
  • Accuracy:
    • The system’s automated calculations eliminated the risk of human error, providing accurate and reliable results for each property. This is a critical aspect that may be challenging for underwriters or processors to achieve manually, especially when dealing with a large volume of income sources.
  • Continued Efficiency:
    • Rapidio’s system demonstrated consistent efficiency, proving its capability to handle complex incomes and large amounts of income data.


Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool proved to be a game-changer in addressing the unique challenges presented by a mortgage loan with 65 rental properties. Its ability to automate categorization, data extraction, and calculations not only saved valuable time but also ensured a high level of accuracy that is paramount in the mortgage processing industry.

Future Prospects:

Rapidio’s Income Analysis Tool continues to stand out as a reliable solution for mortgage processors and underwriters, offering a streamlined approach to income analysis. As demonstrated in this case, the tool’s efficiency and accuracy remain consistent, making it a valuable asset for handling diverse income scenarios and large datasets.

In conclusion, Rapidio’s innovative solution has redefined the income analysis process, showcasing its potential to revolutionize mortgage processing workflows and contribute to more efficient and accurate lending practices.