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Rapid Automated Underwriting Assistant


RAPID-Automated Underwriting Assistant

The Automation to Close First  

Rapid-AUA provides a quick, accurate underwriting experience, eliminating human errors and discrepancies in the process. The traditional "Stare and Compare " is prone to errors and is time-consuming, leaving ample room for costly mistakes. With our system, we guarantee zero errors in the post-close process. 

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Streamline your process

Eliminate errors and streamline your loan underwriting

GSE Guidelines are very complex but we stay on top of them.  

  • Meet current GSE guidelines
  • Pre-check custumers eligibility 
  • Instantly verify information and flag inconsistencies
take the leap

Unlimited underwriting capacity with no Integration

Start right away using Rapidio's Rapid-AUA. Interruptions in business processes can be costly. Our system requires no integration and minimal onboarding. We get you and your team up and running in 1 hour.

  • No Integration needed
  • No file limitation
  • 1 hour onboarding

Run the numbers

Rapid-AUS provides significant value

70 % (1)
Reduction in total Underwriting Time

Fastest AUS (2)
70 % (2)
Reduction in Underwriting Personnel

Fastest AUS (3)
70 % (3)
Boost in Loan Pull-Through         Rate

Fastest AUS (4)
70 % (4)
Reduction in Loan-Processing Costs

Fastest AUS (6)

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