Only complete data can tell a complete story

Our data platform was built to analyze data, not documents – that's what makes it exceptional

How we beat bad actors
We ingest every data field from every document, even though it’s not required.

Bad actors know which data fields are collected for mortgage underwriting and bank on limited data cross checks. Without the entire data story fraud can slip through the cracks.

With complete data, we can conduct comprehensive crosschecks and all but eliminate fraud. This is how we provide underwriters with exacting, trustworthy data.

The most significant innovation in decades

A conflict resolution workflow that requires less human in the loop maximizes speed

  • <30 mins on 98% of documents
  • Machine trained for 12 years
  • >17 Million applications processed

When our machine identifies an anomaly, mismatch, or illegible data field, rather than queue up the entire document, only that data field is flagged for human review.

Let our platform stare & compare. It will only take a few minutes. Accurate, reliable data extraction improves data accuracy and risk assessment, streamlines processes, and helps meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Your underwriter's secret weapon

Transparency & access maintains underwriter authority and control

Underwriters will sign off with complete confidence.
Need to double check? No problem. You trust your seasoned team, and so do we. We maintain that underwriters are the ultimate authority. Rapidio acts as their assistant, to provide organized, verified and validated data so they can make their decisions with confidence.
Your team has the ability to drill down to view any data field in every document with just a few clicks.