ZZ Data Platform – old

Taking a step back helped us take a quantum leap forward.

Our data platform was built to analyze data, not documents. That's what makes it exceptional.

Complete data tells a complete story.

We ingest every data field from every document, even though it’s not required. That’s how we all but eliminate fraud and provide underwriters with exact, trustworthy data.

If a document has been manipulated, the most accurate route to discovery is a comprehensive crosscheck of every single data field, not simply the required fields.

Our two-layer Al validation machine conducts triple redundant validation crosschecks that includes:

  • Data against Data
  • Data against Documents
  • Documents against Documents

We equip underwriters with the facts they need to make the right decision.

With complete data, we can identify data mismatches at the individual data field level and point the Underwriter to the source of conflict to make a well-informed judgement call.

A zero tolerance for error and the need for speed.

Fast and flawless document classification & data extraction

  • 530 mins on 98% of documents
  • Machine trained for 12 years
  • >17 Million applications processed

The smartest Al on the market.

Our classification & extraction technology has been in use in European markets for 12 years and has ingested an estimated XXX Billion pages.

This unmatched, mature technology understands and interprets documents like a human. That’s why there’s no need to “train” our machine for months on end.

You’ll be live whiplash fast – days, not weeks or months

This backbone enables the next generation Digital Mortgage. more